Sunset at santorini

The beauty of this village with white houses lies in a spectacular location on a cliff, at the edge of the breathtaking Caldera.

The sunset enhances its beauty. There are a lot of studios, depending on your budget. Ampelonas Apartments and Merovigliosso. The crowd of travelers flock even in the atmospheric alleyways full of craft shops and restaurants. Katikies Hotel — Oia Hotel phone: After a while, the owners came up the stairs for a cocktail at sunset.

This is pure magic.

The Best Santorini Hotels

The scenery is incredible… Sometimes, the steam from the sea makes the atmosphere slightly dim as if wrapping it with a diaphanous veil. Do you know anything about the location. Rooms are traditional cave suites that are wonderfully decorated.

Reach up to your beloved sleeping next to you. I watched the sunset from the Oia donkey trail and thought it was lovely if perhaps a bit smelly. Oia to Kamari requires a bus from Oia to Fira, and then Fira to Kamari — not a big deal but it can get tiring after a few days of busing around the island.

Awesome website and amazing advice. At sunset, the castle looks like a dark fortress illuminated by the red light of the sunset of Santorini. During a 19th-century earthquake the castle was destroyed and today there are only ruins.

A very nice bar in Pyrgos, where you can enjoy the sunset accompanied by a classical music. I sat down waiting for the sunset. Our stay will be 3 days — 1 week. Some of the best places to eat are found in Oia and only Fira has more shops and restaurants.

I recommend this place especially to the young and posh people. Deciding where to stay is the first and trickiest decision visitors to Santorini need to make.

Lilium Santorini Hotel

So different but both great. Grace Santorini — Imerovigli Hotel phone: Unfortunately so many are booked already — can you recommend something with easy access to Oia. What are your thoughts. A land that grows products of supreme quality and taste.

Sunset Hotel B&B, Santorini/Firostefani

You can also taste different cheeses. Romantic and charming but still lots to do.

Awakening Your Senses!

Massages are given after the sunset. Is it better to have the sunset view or the caldera view. I unfortunately did not succeed, but the experience is equally unique. I love the lighthouses, because I love the whole atmosphere around these buildings.

Astra Suites — Imerovigli Hotel phone: Honeymoon suites are worth the extra cost. I recommend you to arrive earlier before 17 pm to grab the best location to enjoy the sunset.

Very romantic and wonderful sunset views. Fill your plate and come to the verandas with the caldera view to enjoy the morning miracle unfolding before your eyes, on a land that looks like no other in the entire world.

Home > Greece > Santorini > Sunset View Hotels by Santorini Dave • Updated: November 20, What hotels have the best sunset views in Santorini? Imerovigli hotels have the best sunsets of any town in hotels in Oia do not have sunset views.

"Oia's Sunset" is a small neighborhood at the center of Oia, which combines the quietness, the beauty and the traditional architecture of the Cycladic islands with true hospitality and top quality services. Lilium Santorini Hotel provides rooms and suites with amazing overlooking views to the sea, the volcano and the famous sunset of Santorini.

Santorini is a beautiful island in Greece, known for its stunning are a lot of things to do in Santorini and enjoying the sunset is one of these. Santorini’s sunset enters your soul and. And so I give you: my Santorini Sunset Smackdown, in which I will compare watching the sun set in Oia and Fira.

Fira Santorini's ferry and cruise ports are located in Fira — along with many hotels and restaurants. Ira Hotel and Spa Santorini is a luxury hotel in Firostefani of Santorini island Greece. Situated in a quiet and tranquil location with unique volcano view and the outstanding Santorini sunset view.

Santorini Sunset Smackdown: Oia vs. Fira Sunset at santorini
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