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English Through the Ages — a quick tour of the changes in the English language. Other Wordplay Anguish Languish — the versatile and flexible English language. If you are not familiar with a spelling, please do some research before changing it — it may be your misunderstanding rather than a mistake, especially in the case of American and British English spelling differences and Long and short scales.

Yes, yes, we should use a spell-check but, hey, sometimes life's a bit short for that. This can be traced back to early days in my career when I worked with a hugely talented graphic artist, Frank Moore, who taught me the ins and outs of typography not to mention layout and design, pre-internet no less.

September 28th, In my last post about interests, I mentioned that one of them was kinetic type.

Stephen Fry Typography Kinetic Typography Stephen Fry Language Words Mean Things

It is by no means exhaustive, but rather an overview. Animated, designed and produced by Plus3 productions, the perfectly timed animation is all about procrastination, and it'll have you nodding in agreement and smiling all the way through. Like in his latest post. Following a conversation between child and advisor, the four-minute animation uses kinetic typography and abstract art to get its message across.

Shine a Light Let's be frank, this J-pop tune by DJ Takuma featuring Angella Guistini is pretty forgettable, and we imagine the lyrics were sugary nonsense even before they got translated from Japanese.

Word Spy — devoted to lexpionage, the sleuthing of new words and phrases. Although the amusing tune is the main influence for the video, it's Oliver's stunning array of graphic titles and typography that really stand out.

Gill Sans Gill Sans, created by eccentric typographer and animal lover Eric Gill, is a classic and reliable font that can be found in most designers' type collections. As Fry says, sometimes people DO need to spell and grammar there, I've verbified a noun.

Puzzability — an interesting variety of weekly puzzles by former editors for Games magazine. They are too farting busy sneering at a greengrocer's less than perfect use of the apostrophe. Coconut Woman This lively animation by Motion Surfing uses coconut-shaped type timed with the rhythm of the song to to convey personality and energy.

He visualises the intense scene through a series of black and white illustrations and text, all cleverly timed to each character's lines. Oliver Harrison wrote the poem, composed the music and organised it all into a splendid animated whole for Channel 4's Random Acts, and his reward was the Best Motion Graphics prize in the British Animation Awards And the way type can evoke emotion.

Fry compares the enjoyment of words to sexual pleasure about halfway through this video. The 10 Commandments In just under two minutes, this kinetic typography animation reveals the 10 Commandments.

Let us know what you pick. It is fair to assume that neither sentence 1 nor 2 nor indeed any part of these sentences has ever occurred in an English discourse.

This is critical for students who are being prepared for a global marketplace and need to be prepared for interaction with people form a variety of linguistic backgrounds. I, Rearrangement Servant — discover the wisdom of anagrams.

A fan of this particular essay on language, Rogers decided to make it his first kinetic typography project using a combination of After Effects, Flash and Illustrator.

BuzzWhack — Dedicated to de-mystifying buzzwords. Think about how many dialects exist in a single country The video promotes the services of UK-based, confidential, free, hour counselling service for children, Childline. You can really look at it as similar to the way speciation occurs in genetics.

After you have shown this in class, have your students produce a piece like it. From trimming his facial hair with a lawnmower, to turning his tongue into a diving board for mini Martins to jump off, his ideas will certainly make you smile.

Stephen Fry – Kinetic Typography – Language

And my all time favourite is this video. Its topic is about another love of mine; language. Hence, in any statistical model for grammaticalness, these sentences will be ruled out on identical grounds as equally "remote" from English.

Do you go round correcting misspellings with a red pen. After this discussion, have your students refine their thoughts into a written project. The humorous animation took Heather somewhere between and hours to complete. From Paper to Screen This masterpiece was, unbelievably, a graduation project by graphic designer Thibault de Fournas.

If you want to create your own, our selection of free fonts and After Effects tutorials will help you on your way. Also see Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography - Language. Not as expressive graphically, but still good content. Not as expressive graphically, but still good content.

permalink. I do enjoy these kinetic typography videos, but there’s some very sloppy typography going on in this one. Great monologue from Mr Stephen Fry though. "Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography - Language "sod them to Hades" No one can express the beauty of language like Stephen Fry" "r/videos - Stephen Fry talks about his love of language and rants about pendants (Kinetic Typography)".

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Kinetic Typography. Aaron LemingViews. [Thaiver.] I like you - GOT7 l Cover by jeaniich (Kinetic Typography) Jean IichViews. I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE! - Kinetic Typography. Oct 25,  · Stephen Fry's Language Nazis Just a few thoughts about language, spelling, grammar and Nazis on this Monday morning This interesting kinetic typography is Author: Grrlscientist.

Stephen fry kinetic typography
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Kinetic Typography: Stephen Fry, “Language” | Words mean things. Sometimes.