Pat river case

Even as early asthe North Vietnamese were building and improving roads between Route 12 and Route 9 that would soon take truck convoys.

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I became intimately familiar with the geographic coordinates of many places in central Laos—within months I could cite from memory the coordinates of specific towns or road junctions. When I arrived, the villagers were using hoes and shovels to dig at the hump and then carrying away the dirt in wicker baskets slung on poles.

All PARU personnel were at least high school graduates, and most spoke a language from a neighboring country in addition to Thai. We saw ourselves as supporting US policy and we believed in it. Besides the routine things like logistics and training, I had to move around constantly.

I felt lucky to have the chance that only a few ever have of actually making a difference. Finally, I began to cross the river into Laos regularly during the day. Attitudes were positive and our confidence was high.

We handed out cameras and trained team members to photograph passing traffic. Each site afforded a good view of a portion of the western section of the plain.

Suspecting that I would have a hard time, they made it as easy as possible for me.

The Case of the Roving River

Some of it was useful in confirming VC presence, which led to further relaxation of the restrictions on our activities. Food drops also served to confirm team locations. In the field, when I asked for something, it appeared. The ignorance and the arrogance of Americans arriving in Southeast Asia during that period were contributing factors.

Working discreetly sometimes openly with Lao politicians and military officers, foreign merchants siphoned off huge sums of official money. The discussions in Geneva were about big power issues more than about Laos or Vietnam.

It had all that we would need to get started. The first couple of hours we headed downhill toward the valley below. They raised few objections, usually indirectly.

Pat river case

He agreed to let us take over a former Lao Army training facility just outside Thakhek. They can never return to Laos. Team members were all local villagers. Landry knew little about the infant project in central Laos, but I piqued his interest.

Attitudes were positive and our confidence was high. All four could provide basic training, and all were jump qualified. Evolving Mission The 17th parallel—the demarcation line between North and South Vietnam—touched the southeastern edge of the Laotian Panhandle.

If discovered by a VC patrol, our teams could only run.

Pat River Case Essay Sample

They are not working anywhere near their full potential. Ambrose, who interpreted at each meeting with the team leaders, also knew them well and was to be a great help in the months to come. Persuading the team leaders, and sometimes the members as well, of the wisdom of our suggestions was important and Dick had a knack for listening and explaining without being condescending.

The next day, my predecessor walked me through the operational aspects of my responsibilities, beginning with the location of each PM team and his opinions about the mixed bag of team leaders. The patrol would pick a spot along a ravine or another vulnerable place, and, at night, plant all 12 of the cratering charges.

The Panhandle Project Nakhon Phanom was a quiet, pretty town of several thousand inhabitants. But he also was proud of us. Being a cousin, brother, or family friend of a team leader was not a sufficiently qualifying factor.

Pat River Case Essay Sample

Working discreetly sometimes openly with Lao politicians and military officers, foreign merchants siphoned off huge sums of official money. But we got the job done. More than that took too much of my time.

In their own ways, both were great guys and splendid to work for. Our system was amazingly efficient. I was always pleased when our team reported trucks on a particular road and air coverage on the same day confirmed the position of the convoy.

None of the teams had previously been located in positions that enabled systematic intelligence collection. Nov 23,  · Description. Ipswich River Bridge iphone x case by Pat Lucas.

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Case Pat is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Case Pat and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world. Pat made her TV debut as "Juliet" in the NBC-TV production, The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse: Romeo and Juliet (), in After graduating from a convent school in New Rochelle, New York, she enrolled in the College of New Rochelle, where she played leading roles in Mar 17, Stream Conditions & Tips from Pat Dorsey for Fly Fishing Cheesman Canyon in Colorado.

Farming Near The Cobb River, Minnesota--Pat Duncanson

The picturesque boulder-filled Cheesman Canyon portion of the South Platte River is considered by many one of the most pristine fisheries in the world. Organizational Behavior Case: What Do They Want? Pat Riverer is vice president of manufacturing and operations of a medium-size pharmaceutical firm in the Midwest.

Pat has a Ph.D. in chemistry but has not been directly involved in research and new-product development for 20 years. Jun 27,  · Recollections of a Case Officer in Laos, No Drums, No Bugles we were met by Bill Lair and Pat Landry, among others.

These officers were already legends. leaders come to Thailand to met with me. Then, I began making trips into Laos at night. Finally, I began to cross the river into Laos regularly during the day.


Pat river case
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